The forest technology cluster is an economic association with ten member companies, which together run forest technology development projects. This is done through collaboration between member companies and researchers, students, startups, forest companies and financiers. In this way, the cluster becomes a key player for dialogue between those who will influence the forest of the future and invent tomorrow’s forest machine.

The cluster’s member companies are located from Malå in the north to Strömsbruk in the south and in total they have more than 1,100 employees. With subcontractors including 1,400 people are employed in the cluster’s operations and thus the companies are responsible for most of the jobs in the forestry industry in Sweden. Together, they have sales of around SEK 6.5 billion, of which 52% is on direct exports. For the members of the Forest Technology cluster, clustering has meant that several innovations have become products that are now on the market.

The members consist of companies that manufacture forest machines and component manufacturers. The ten companies are Bracke Forest, Cranab, Iggesund Forest, Hultdins, Indexator, Komatsu Forest, Log Max. Olofsfors, Oryx Simulations, Vimek.

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