Mini Excavator Damper

Mini Excavator Damper

The Mini Excavator Damper is a hydraulic damper for mini excavators. It’s easy to install and has an immediate effect. A mini excavator often has low ground clearance and pretty simple hydraulics. This makes excavation work a shaky experience. Try fitting an Mini Excavator Damper to your excavator and you’ll experience a world of difference!

Both you and the machine can work longer

The Mini Excavator Damper offers a calmer environment and no bouncing around. It’s more comfortable and involves less wear and tear for all involved, both the operator and the machine.

Easily fitted

The installation instructions for the Mini Excavator Damper are the shortest ever: Connect your Mini Excavator Damper to the mini excavator’s lifting cylinder using one T-connector on the plus side and one on the minus side – done!

Save time at every step

The less your excavator hops and vibrates, the more work you get done. The damping effect of the Mini Excavator Damper calms things down, giving you greater control over the machine’s movements.

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compare the models

MED 320

MED 320

Machine weight 0-2,5 ton

MED 500

MED 500

Machine weight 2,5-5 ton

Technical specifications

320 500 För minigrävare som väger ton 0–2,5 2,5–5 Vikt kg 6,7 8,1 Djup mm 124 131 Bredd mm 214 226 Höjd mm 212 230

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