Transfer Pump

Transfer Pump

Hultdins Transfer Pump helps you easily and effectively fill our Chain Grease Pump and other lubrication equipment.

We’ve introduced this accessory to provide the market with a high-quality alternative. The Transfer Pump has a very robust design and several unique characteristics.

Fills quickly

To move the grease as fast as possible, the Transfer Pump is designed with oversized hoses and connectors, as well as a large displacement. It works at low pressure with a high volume. Oversized hoses and connectors also mean less pressure loss, for smoother operation even in cold weather.

Problem-free, year after year

Sturdy pump handle with fully welded pump line, pump cover seal with double o-rings, and a brass piston ring. The Transfer Pump is built to last, quite simply.

Relief valve for easy quick coupler removal

No need to use force to remove the quick coupler. Open the spigot and our specially developed relief valve ensures that excess grease is fed back into the bucket. The pressure in the hose settles and you can remove the quick coupler with little effort. Another advantage is not getting covered in lubricant.

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Technical specifications

Produktegenskaper Kraftigt pumphandtag och helsvetsat pumprör Pumplockstätning med dubbla o-ringar, kolvring i mässing Optimerad tömningsfunktion minimerar bottenrester Avlastningsventil för att underlätta demontering av snabbkoppling när fyllning är klar Helt slutet system med återföring av fett från avlastningsventil till hink Överdimensionerad slang och 3/4" snabbkoppling reducerar tryckfall vid påfyllning i kall väderlek Reservdelar finns vid behov

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