StartNewsNew logo, visual identity and communication concept

New logo, visual identity and communication concept

Jun 17, 2019

Hultdins has over 90 years of experience from the forest industry and to visualize this we have created a new graphic identity. It includes a new company logo, updated product logos, a new color scheme, imagery and new type face.

The modern and distinct new logo has a visual kinship with the previous logo. The symbol visualizes the core of what Hultdins does – the outer shape can be seen as a grapple, a grapple saw and a human body seen from above and the dot symbolizes a log in a grapple, a human head and the technology Hultdins produces.

Product logos


Each of the main product groups have new logos, an update of the original Super-logos, that are modern and still recognizable to the accustomed Hultdins user.

Color scheme

Orange is the profile color, it has high visibility in the forest and connects to the use of the color for signaling and safety purposes. Together with the modern type face and imagery this completes the graphic identity and brings all that is Hultdins together visually and into modern day.


The concept


To complete the identity we created the communication concept “BY HULTDINS”. This is a concept where we encompass all of the knowledge, constant drive towards innovation and development that has been the Hultdins way of business since the beginning in 1928. All for an effective forestry.