Air driven transfer pump

With Hultdins’ air-driven Transfer Pump you can busy yourself with other tasks while filling your Chain Grease Pump or other lubrication equipment. Connect the hose, switch it on, and leave it to work – when you return, the system has been filled and the Transfer Pump has automatically switched itself off.


If you have access to compressed air when filling with grease, Hultdins’ air-driven Transfer Pump simplifies matters considerably. No need to manually pump grease from the bucket to the machine – simply connect the pump, switch it on, and sit back. The Transfer Pump will switch itself off once the Chain Grease Pump’s grease reservoir is full. If you have a sufficiently large gauge hose reel, you don’t even need to move the Transfer Pump – simply unwind the hose and connect it to the machine.


Unlike other air-driven grease pumps, Hultdins’ air-driven Transfer Pump works with a high volume at low pressure. So it transfers a great deal of grease in a short space of time. And the automatic shutoff means no risk of damaging the Chain Grease Pump with too high pressure when the reservoir is full. After about one and a half minutes, the empty Chain Grease Pump is full.

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