The “T” stands for tip-to-tip and marks the end of any similarities with a log grapple. MG-T is a truly sturdy sorting grapple, it offers everything a discerning machine operator could wish for: powerful arms, reversible blades, and separate mechanical stops for the arms, both fully open and closed.


The MG-T is available with a number of different mounts. Everything from the most common S- and B-mounts, with or without OilQuick, to freely suspended in a link with an Indexator XR rotator. The MG-T can also be supplied without a mount if you’d prefer to weld your own into place.


Obviously this is no longer a log grapple, but there are some things we learned in the forest that we didn’t want to leave out. Our classic expander pins, dual solid cast metal braces, and welding quality that outshines the competition, for example. Naturally, all Hultdins cylinders feature end-position damping. The MG-T even has an accumulator on the cylinder that enables the arms to follow if the load slips and you risk losing your grip. A load-holding valve so that you don’t need to keep the grapple button depressed is also standard.

MG 16-T MG 16-T
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MG 16-T

MG 16-T

Grapple Area 0,28 m2
Max. load 10 000 kg
Weight approx. 630 kg

Technical specifications