SuperGrip RG

SuperGrip RG

The SuperGrip RG is purpose-built for the Rail Industry but is just as suitable for other material handling. It is exceptionally strong and based on our time proven SuperGrip timber grapples.

Purpose built grapple

SuperGrip RG16 has synchronized arms for a more controlled and efficient handling of ties and rails. But is just as suitable for other material handling. It is equipped with a cushioned cylinder to reduce shock loads and incorporates a direct mounted load holding valve for maximum safety. The cylinder is more protected inside the frame to minimize potential damage to the cylinder rod. The grapple main frame and arms are constructed of high strength wear resistant steel and robotically welded. The RG16 is as all other SuperGrip grapples fitted with expander pins as standard. This means no play anywhere in the grapple.

Grapple saw option

For extended use, mount a suitable SuperSaw unit.

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Technical specifications

RG16 Weight kg 398 Max. load kg 5 000 Gripping area m2 0,25 Max. gripping width mm 1 768 Overall grapple width mm 524 Height, arms tip–tip mm 955 Max. height arms open mm 829 Min. height arms closed mm 740 Min. gripping diameter mm 135 Width, male arm mm 165 Width, female arm mm 496 Gripping force, arms open, at 25 MPa kN 17,5 Gripping force, arms tip–tip, at 25 MPa kN 16,9 Max. operating pressure MPa 25


SuperSaw that fit grapple

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