SuperSaw 350E

SuperSaw 350E

The SuperSaw 350E is a light grapple saw for harvesting tree and forest residue. Mount it directly on your SuperGrip II and use it to cut, load, or sort non-standard assortments.

All of our grapple saws are equipped with one of our own SuperCut saws and, in addition to the saw unit, include a frame, complete control hydraulics, and an oil tank. The SuperSaw 350E includes the SuperCut 100 saw and is designed to attach directly to a SuperGrip II without the need for a separate mount.

Save time with our automatic chain tensioning

The SuperSaw 350E has automatic chain tensioning, a function developed by Hultdins back in the 1990s. Combined with proportional chain lubrication, this delivers better cutting performance and greatly reduces wear on drive sprockets, nose sprockets, and chains. And the swivel inside the saw unit means no need for moving hoses for the tensioner and chain oil.

For less demanding jobs

The SS350E is a light version of a grapple saw. Its weight is optimized for lighter cranes and smaller grapples. So the frame is made from somewhat thinner but still high-strength plate. It’s well suited to brushwood trucks and forwarder cranes.

Perfect for forwarding green forest residue

The SS350E is even an excellent choice for mounting on an A-grapple for loading green forest residue. The A-grapple’s special arms flatten the brushwood into a bundle that is very tightly packed under the grapple arms – which is where the SS350E saws. This compresses the otherwise lightly packed forest residue, making it easy to load and optimizing the weight of the load. You can also load and pack green forest residue very effectively by combining an SS350E with an A-grapple.

The market’s widest range

We’ve been developing grapple saws for almost 40 years. Today, we have the widest range by far. No matter whether it’s for 24/7 continual bundle bucking of eucalyptus in Brazil, optimizing the weight of forest residue loads, or trimming the crowns from full trees before loading, we have a grapple saw for the job.

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compare the models

SS 350E -10

SS 350E -10

Saw Motor 10 cm3
Weight 89 kg

SS 350E -19

SS 350E -19

Saw Motor 19 cm3
Weight 94 kg

Technical specifications

350E-10 350E-19 Saw motor displacement cm3 10 19 Weight kg 89 94 Length mm 1 017 1 017 Width (fr. centre of grapple) mm 545(446) 545(446) Height mm 331 331 Width, D mm 121 121 Min. hydraulic pressure, saw motor MPa 16 16 Min. hydraulic flow, saw motor l/min 60 115 (80) Max. saw chain speed See recommendations from saw chain manufacturer Max. power input to saw chain See recommendations from saw chain manufacturer Saw chain inch .404" .404" alt. 3/4" Saw bar cm 67 / 75 67 / 75 Saw bar feed out system Pressure line Pressure line Recommended grapples All SGII models

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