SuperSaw 6000S

SuperSaw 6000S

The SuperSaw 6000S is an extremely powerful modular grapple saw with a ¾” saw. It’s designed primarily for bundle bucking eucalyptus, but is also suitable for other really demanding work.

This version differs a little from our other SuperSaw models. It isn’t fitted with a SuperCut saw unit, for instance. Instead, the 6000S is equipped with a very powerful saw that can handle saw bars up to 1.5 meters in length, enabling its use for bundle bucking in enormous grapples. It’s available both with and without chain tensioning.

Extreme power

The SuperSaw 6000S has an extremely powerful separate feed cylinder. On a grapple measuring 0.8–1.0 m, this enables it to bundle buck almost 100 eucalyptus stems in one go without jamming. The SuperSaw 6000S comes with a standard chassis, onto which you can mount different nose guards depending on the saw bar length in use. It can be equipped with ¾” saw bars measuring from 100 cm to 150 cm in length.

Automatic or manual chain tensioning

The SuperSaw 6000S is available with either automatic or manual chain tensioning. Chain lubrication is also well catered for, with a separate cam wheel controlling the double oil pumps. The cam wheel is double-acting, which means that the chain is also lubricated when the bar returns.

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Technical specifications

SS6000S Saw motor displacement cm3 40 Weight (100 cm saw bar) kg 362 Weight (113 cm saw bar) kg 382 Weight (130 cm saw bar) kg 392 Length (100 cm saw bar) mm 1420 Length (113 cm saw bar) mm 1545 Length (130 cm saw bar) mm 1740 Width mm 509 Height mm 678 Min. hydraulic pressure, saw motor MPa 18 Min. hydraulic flow, saw motor l/min 172 Saw chain inch 3/4 Saw bar cm 100/113/130

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