SuperSaw 650S

SuperSaw 650S

The SuperSaw 650S is a powerful ¾” grapple saw. It includes the advanced SuperCut 300 saw unit and is suitable for demanding applications, such as excavator and log loader use. If you travel around North America and visit full tree logging sites, you’ll most probably come across a SuperSaw 650S from Malå in Sweden.

A more powerful grapple saw

The SuperSaw 650S is, quite simply, a powerful grapple saw designed for demanding work. It’s fitted with our largest saw unit, the SuperCut 300. The frame is robustly built with ample protection and at 365 kilos the SuperSaw 650S also demands a sturdy machine to support it.

Save time with automatic chain tensioning

The SuperSaw 650S is, of course, equipped with the Hultdins innovation automatic chain tensioning, a not entirely common feature when it comes to ¾” chains. It also has proportional chain lubrication and a swivel in the motor to avoid moving hoses for the tensioner and chain oil.

The world’s widest grapple saw range

Hultdins has been developing grapple saws for almost 40 years and today we have the world’s widest range. The SuperSaw 650S boasts most of the features we’ve refined over the years, such as integrated and recessed motor saw installation and a saw motor manifold with an integrated anti-cavitation valve. The SS650S is delivered with a frame, a saw unit, and complete hydraulics.

The SuperSaw 650S has a return feed system for the saw bar that when correctly adjusted offers essentially self-adjusting sawing.

Accessory for extra oil capacity

The SS650S is delivered with a frame, a saw unit, and complete hydraulics. Optional accessories include a 6.1-liter integrated lubricant tank and an extra large oil tank (26.5 liters) that attaches to our heavy duty (HD) mounting bracket with offset installation of the rotator for optimal weight distribution.

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SS 650-40

SS 650-40

Return line feed out system
Saw motor 40 cm3
Weight 260 kg

Technical specifications

650S-40 Saw motor displacement cm3 40 Weight (excl. mounting set & lube oil tank) kg 254 Weight (incl. mounting set & 6,1 L lube oil tank) kg 365 Length mm 1 397 Width mm 383 Height mm 511 Width, D mm 148 Min. hydraulic pressure, saw motor MPa 18 Min. hydraulic flow, saw motor l/min 172 Max. saw chain speed See recommendation from saw chain manufacturer Max. power input to saw chain See recommendation from saw chain manufacturer Saw chain inch 3/4" Saw bar cm 100 Saw bar feed out system Return line Recommended grapple SG520S & SG720S

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