StartNewsNew grapple saws 550 EC-10 and 550S EC-10

New grapple saws 550 EC-10 and 550S EC-10

Jun 12, 2019

Hultdins has developed a new grapple saw, Easy Connect (EC). It comes in two models: the standard 550 EC-10, suitable for trucks and forwarders, and the 550S EC-10 with sturdier frame, stronger and more protection around the saw motor/saw unit. The 550S EC-10 is a good choice for excavators, material handlers and skidders.

The finesse of the EC saw is that it does not require any extra hydraulic lines over the crane, which is often a problem since modern cranes does not accommodate additional internal hoses in telescopic booms. There is also no need for an extra valve section since the grapple saw is controlled by the grapple close and open functions. A saw activation valve is installed on the base machine, so you can choose when you want the grapple saw to be activated, this is included in the delivery of 550 / 550S EC. Since the saw is operated through the hydraulic lines of the grapple, a standard two-channel rotator can be used for endless rotation.

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