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New MultiGrip 16-V

Mar 15, 2023

We can now present a new model MG16-V to our MultiGrip-series.

New model MG16-V with the grapplearm from RG16-V is now available in the MultiGrip assortment.
The grapple comes with many types of excavator mountings such as OilQuickEC-OilOpen-S connector or a regular S- or B-mount etc.

The MG-V is stronger than our strongest log grapple. With expander pins and sturdy bushings, the MG-V is a grapple that lasts!
The two push rods are solid cast metal and the MG-V also features an integrated load-holding valve.

What’s more, it’s equipped with an accumulator on the grapple cylinder that enables the arms to follow if, for example, a rock starts to slip and you risk losing your grip.

MG16-V will be implemented in production from now in Q2-2023.