Chain Grease Pump

Our Chain Grease Pump lubricates the saw chain and reduces the volume of lubricant required by about 80–90% compared to oil. With a Chain Grease Pump you also avoid mess, both in operation and when filling with grease.

We developed our Chain Grease Pump for one simple reason: We think you’ll agree that there are better things to spend money on than lubricant. We also believe that you’d prefer all the machines and accessories you use in the forest to be long-term investments, not unnecessary costs.


If you use chain grease, consumption is about 80–90% less by volume compared to oil. The chain grease is also biodegradable. Good for you, good for nature.


We’ve designed a smart quick coupler with a relief valve, so that you can reduce the pressure in the hose before disconnecting. No forcing, and no grease leaks or mess. Since chain grease has a thicker consistency than oil, it also adheres better between the saw bar and chain, saving you from constantly cleaning the windshield.


You connect the pump to the machine’s hydraulics and the saw’s grease fitting with four T-connectors. Exactly where the pump should be positioned depends on where there’s space. Once you’ve found the right place, simply connect it and you’re ready to go. No electricity, no check valves – all you need are the machine’s hydraulics.

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