The MultiGrip-R-XR is a brushwood grapple. It’s based on the same frame as the rest of the MultiGrip series, but has heavily reinforced brushwood arms specially designed for forwarding brushwood, forest residue, and tree residue – even stumps. The arms have no knives but extra reinforcement to handle the most demanding forwarding. Under the boom line is a sturdy reinforcement plate connecting the shanks to prevent them from getting bent out of shape. Attach a quick coupler to the rotator or a freely suspended link. Maybe you’d prefer to buy a grapple without a rotator and bolt or weld it to your existing mount – the possibilities are almost endless.


Anyone who’s tried to harvest brushwood with a regular log grapple knows why you need a special brushwood grapple. There are no knives at the grapple opening, just four reinforced arms. The result is that the brushwood is squeezed together and the grapple no longer jams when opened. Most of all, you lift only what you want, without any debris that makes the forest residue difficult to sell.


The MG-R-XR is stronger than our strongest log grapple. With expander pins and sturdy bushings, the MG-R-XR is a grapple that lasts. The two braces are solid cast metal and the MG-R-XR  also features an integrated load-holding valve, so that you don’t have to keep the grapple button depressed. What’s more, it’s equipped with an accumulator on the grapple cylinder that enables the arms to follow if, for example, a log starts to slip and you risk losing your grip.


The MG-R hasn’t forgotten its roots in the forest. Mount a SuperSaw on your MG-R and you can, for example, handle problem trees in urban environments. Grab a hold with the grapple, cut with the saw, and take the tree down bit by bit.

MG 12-R / XR MG 12-R / XR
MG 16-R / XR MG 16-R / XR
MG 20-R / XR MG 20-R / XR
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MG 12-R / XR

MG 12-R / XR

Grapple Area 0,26 m2
Max. load 4000 kg
Weight approx. 310 kg

MG 16-R / XR

MG 16-R / XR

Grapple Area 0,36 m2
Max. load 5000 kg
Weight approx. 470 kg

MG 20-R / XR

MG 20-R / XR

Grapple Area 0,52 m2
Max. load 6000 kg
Weight approx. 550 kg

Technical specifications