The MultiGrip (MG) is a flexible bypass grapple suited to most construction jobs. With its interlocking grapple arms, the MG can get a hold of just about anything. For really heavy work and rock moving, we’d recommend our MG-T sorting grapple series.

This is the first grapple we’ve developed specifically for the construction industry. We took what we’ve learned from our strongest log grapple and made the MG a little stronger, so that you can always depend on it. The response from contractors who’ve chosen an MG shows that we’ve succeeded.


If you want to work extremely effectively, you can choose to fit your MG with an automatic quick coupler. Then you can switch tools from inside the cab in just 10–20 seconds. We supply your MG complete with OilQuick, EC-Oil, Open-S connector or a regular S- or B-mount etc.


The MG is stronger than our strongest log grapple. With expander pins and sturdy bushings, the MG is a grapple that lasts. The two braces are solid cast metal and the MG also features an integrated load-holding valve, so that you don’t have to keep the grapple button depressed. What’s more, it’s equipped with an accumulator on the grapple cylinder that enables the arms to follow if, for example, a rock starts to slip and you risk losing your grip.


The MG hasn’t forgotten its roots in the forest. Mount a SuperSaw on your MG and you can, for example, handle problem trees in urban environments. Grab a hold with the grapple, cut with the saw, and take the tree down bit by bit.

MG 12, S45 MG 12, S45
MG 16, S60 MG 16, S60
MG 20, S70 MG 20, S70
MG 24, S70 MG 24, S70
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MG 12, S45

MG 12, S45

Grapple Area 0,26 m2
Max. load 6 000 kg
Weight approx. 320 kg

MG 16, S60

MG 16, S60

Grapple Area 0,36 m2
Max. load 8 000 kg
Weight approx. 490 kg

MG 20, S70

MG 20, S70

Grapple Area 0,52 m2
Max. load 10 000 kg
Weight approx. 603 kg

MG 24, S70

MG 24, S70

Grapple Area 0,72 m2
Max. load 10 000 kg
Weight approx. 675 kg

Technical specifications