SuperSaw 550

The SuperSaw 550 is an easy-to-use standard grapple saw that includes the SuperCut std saw unit. It’s suited for use on timber trucks and lighter stationary cranes, or as a more powerful alternative when harvesting forest residue.

If your assortment is non-standard, you’ll probably work more productively with a grapple saw. The cutting unit in the SuperSaw 550 is our own SuperCut, one of the world’s most widely used saw units. The SuperSaw 550 includes a frame, a saw unit, complete hydraulics, and a lubrication oil tank. Mounting brackets are of course available for all Hultdins grapples, as well as for other grapple brands (assuming the same rotator mounting hole placements and shapes as on Hultdins grapples).


The SuperSaw 550 is easy to handle. It has a return feed system for the saw bar, which with the right settings offers essentially self-adjusting sawing. While you saw, the integrated air tank takes care of the saw bar return and an accumulator takes care of the drainage oil. All that’s needed to operate the saw cassette are feed and return lines and an on/off valve.


The SuperSaw 550 is the perfect grapple saw for equipping timber trucks, in particular for full tree harvesting in Central Europe. There the cranes are a little larger and can handle the weight of the grapple saw. For those working under Nordic conditions with slightly smaller cranes and not totally at ease with the SuperSaw 550’s weight, we recommend taking a look at its smaller sibling, the SuperSaw 350E.


The SuperSaw 550 has proportional chain lubrication and automatic chain tensioning. This delivers improved cutting performance and reduces wear on drive sprockets, nose sprockets, and chains.


We have many grapple saws, quite simply the market’s biggest offering. Our range has grown over the 40 or so years we’ve been developing grapple saws, and today there’s a Hultdins for everything from harvesting forest residue in northern Sweden to bundle bucking eucalyptus on Brazilian forest plantations.

SS 550-10 SS 550-10
SS 550-19 SS 550-19
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SS 550-10

SS 550-10

Return line feed out
‍Saw motor 10 cm3
Weight 102 kg

SS 550-19

SS 550-19

Return line feed out
Saw motor 19 cm3
Weight 105 kg

Technical specifications