SuperSaw 555S

The SuperSaw 555S is our most powerful grapple saw with a .404 chain. It’s extremely robust and offers high performance while being very easy to handle. Control your sawing with simple pressure and flow settings. The 555S is an excellent choice for excavators, log loaders, and stationary cranes.

The cutting unit in the SuperSaw 555S is the same as in the SuperSaw 550, our own SuperCut std. The SuperSaw 555S includes a frame, a saw unit, complete hydraulics, and an oil tank. Mounting brackets are available in both standard and HD versions. Naturally, they fit all Hultdins grapples, as well as other grapple brands (assuming the same rotator mounting hole placements and shapes as on Hultdins grapples).


The SuperSaw 555S has, like all Hultdins grapple saws, automatic chain tensioning. Combined with proportional chain lubrication, this delivers greater cutting performance while reducing wear on drive sprockets, nose sprockets, and chains. The SS555S has a double-acting cam wheel for lubricating the saw chain, which means that the saw chain is lubricated even when the bar returns.


The SuperSaw 555S features a pressurized feed for the saw bar, ensuring the best possible sawing. The settings are altered using adjustment valves that regulate both the bar feed pressure and the bar feed speed. This enables you to optimize saw performance individually. The saw motor manifold has an integrated anti-cavitation valve.

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SS 555S-19

SS 555S-19

Saw motor 19 cm3
Weight 170 kg

Technical specifications