SuperCut 300

SuperCut 300

The SuperCut 300 is a very powerful ¾” saw unit. It offers the same functionality as the smaller SuperCut 100, but with a sturdier build and fully adapted for ¾” saw bars.

The SuperCut 300, which can be equipped with a 40 or 60 cubic centimeter motor, is well suited to the largest harvester heads or for use in large fellers. It’s also fitted as standard in our SuperSaw 650S grapple saw.

Available in many versions

Like the SuperCut 100, the SuperCut 300 is modular, enabling it to be assembled in a number of ways. The motor size, drive sprocket size, lubricant volume, and cut control can be varied. However, the SuperCut 300 is – and will always remain – a ¾” saw.

Easily regulated feed force

The SuperCut 300 has a rack-and-pinion saw bar feed. This means the feed has a constant lever arm, which makes it easy for the control system to regulate the feed force. A conventional feed using a regular cylinder provides a variable lever arm, which complicates matters in regulating the feed force.

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SC 300 40cm3

SC 300 40cm3

SC 300 60cm3

SC 300 60cm3

Technical specifications

40cc Parker 60cc Parker Saw motor displacement cm3 40 60 Weight incl. saw motor kg 78 81 Min. working pressure MPa See recommendations from motor manufacturer Min. oil flow l/min See recommendations from motor manufacturer Prop. chain lubrication ml 10/25 10/25 Saw bar, max. length cm 134 134 Height motor, A mm 129 139 Max. height cut control, B mm 126 126 Max. height, C mm 224 224 Total length, D mm 687 687 Max. length bar holder, E mm 291 291 Length, F mm 186 186 Width, G mm 258 258 Saw chain 3/4" 3/4" Max. saw chain speed See recommendations from saw chain manufacturer Max. power to saw chain See recommendations from saw chain manufacturer

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