SuperCut std

SuperCut std

The SuperCut std is a simple but high performance saw unit that’s perfectly suited for use in, for example, grapple saws and log splitters. It has a strong tensioning plate and a bar holder that enable it to handle long saw bars. The SuperCut is fitted as standard in our SuperSaw 550 and SuperSaw 555S grapple saws and delivers superb cutting performance.

Unlike the SuperCut 100 and the SuperCut 300, the SuperCut std is not restricted to machine manufacturers and is also sold separately via dealers in the aftermarket.

A simpler saw unit

The SuperCut std has a simple construction, which ensures an easily installed and easily serviced saw unit. Cutting performance, however, is outstanding and the saw is of course equipped with automatic chain tensioning. What’s more, it has an integrated and protected feed cylinder and proportional chain lubrication. The feed cylinder is sized to handle a so-called return feed system for the saw bar. The advantage of a return feed is that the saw unit, once the correct throttling has been achieved, offers essentially self-adjusting sawing.

Avoid snow compaction

Winter can cause problems with snow compaction for a saw unit. So the SuperCut std has an integrated feed cylinder on a higher plane than the saw bar and tensioning unit. This considerably reduces the risk of snow compaction. The SuperCut std has a 90-degree feed angle.

Longer saw bar length

With the SuperCut std, you can use long saw bars thanks to its powerful bar holder/tensioning unit.

Customize with accessories

The SuperCut std can be kitted out with a saw motor manifold (return feed), air tank for bar return, pressure reducing valve for chain tensioning, and an accumulator for drainage oil.

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SC std 10 cm3

SC std 10 cm3

SC std 19 cm3

SC std 19 cm3

Technical specifications

10cc Parker 19cc Parker Saw motor displacement cm3 10 19 Weight incl. saw motor kg 37 41 Min. working pressure MPa See recommendations from motor manufacturer Min. oil flow l/min See recommendations from motor manufacturer Proportional chain lubrication ml 6 6 Saw bar, max. length cm unlimited unlimited Height, motor, A mm 105 112 Max. height, C mm 144 144 Total length, D mm 612 612 Max. length bar holder, E mm 213 213 Length, F mm 135 135 Width, G mm 287 287 Saw chain inch .404" .404" Max. saw chain speed See recommendations from saw chain manufacturer Max. power to saw chain See recommendations from saw chain manufacturer

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