When it’s not really necessary, that’s when it gets interesting!

The SuperGrip-RS is a manually extra reinforced S-model, something that isn’t really necessary. Yet we’ve made it, maybe because we can…


The SuperGrip-RS is a manually reinforced S-grapple. The 16 mm shanks of high-strength steel are encased in another 16 mm of high-strength steel that we weld into place. And under the boom line you’ll find generous reinforcement between the shanks. This reinforcement plate is normally only found on R-grapples to stabilize arms with no knives between them. The end result doesn’t break, let’s put it that way.


The SuperGrip-S is the strongest forwarder grapple in the world, with no contenders. Yet we’ve developed an even stronger RS-model – why? Well, when a customer comes to us with a highly detailed description of their needs, and doesn’t just want a single custom-made grapple, we do what we can. This time the outcome was so pleasing that it resulted in a new model: the SuperGrip-RS.


Is the SuperGrip-RS necessary for regular forwarding in Sweden? No, at least we’ve yet to see any real need in our domestic market (but you never know what the future may hold in its grapple arms…). On the other hand, there are many places around the world where powerful machines put relatively small grapples through their paces. It’s in these markets, such as New Zealand, South America, and North America, that the RS-grapple comes into its own.

SG 260RS SG 260RS
SG 300RS SG 300RS
SG 360RS SG 360RS
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SG 260RS

SG 260RS

Grapple Area 0.26 m2
Max. Load 4 500 kg
Weight 266 kg

SG 300RS

SG 300RS

Grapple Area 0.30 m2
Max. Load 4 500 kg
Weight 272 kg

SG 360RS

SG 360RS

Grapple Area 0,36 m2
Max. Load 8 000 kg
Weight 402 kg

Technical specifications